Monday, August 13, 2007

Allridge Family Reunion

Our family spent the weekend in Island Park Idaho. It was fun to be so close to Yellowstone and in cooler weather. We are lucky to have such good family.

Sammy and his cousin Kendra on the little motorcycle.
The kids were fascinated with the bears.
Dean would not leave his Uncle Dave. It was nice to have a full time babysitter.
We went to a rodeo and Sammy liked the bull head.
Me and my boys. My favorite things in the world.
My best friend. He's the best.
Some of Sam's younger siblings. They make the family fun.
What would I do without my sister-in-laws?
Dean with his Uncle Mike. He just got his mission call to Des Moines Iowa.
My little buddy. Now that he talks like crazy, he really is my main source of conversation. He's the best.
Thanks grandma Allridge for the fun reunion. We love you.
You gotta love the pink cowboy hat.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Life Over The Last 2 Months

Yes, I have been quite the slacker, but a lot has been going on and it's the summer, so I finally decided to buckle down and recap the last 2 months. Enjoy.

Dean turned 1 on May 24th, Happy Birthday!
We love the new boat Allen. This is how we have been spending our weekends.
Katie's beauty school graduation.
Swimming at a resort in Chandler for Katie's graduation. I was able to leave Sammy at home and go with just Dean. It felt nice to have just one baby again, I think Dean liked all the attention too.
Celebrating the 24th of July at East Canyon. Sammy loves squirting people with his squirt guns.
Yes, my baby loves to eat dirt, sand, even snails. Welcome to my life.
At the petting zoo in Pioneer Village for the 24th.
My kids love Popsicles.
I am learning to enjoy yard work, this was my latest project.
Lake Powell.
Lizzy and Sammy.
Sam and Sammy surfing behind the boat.
Sam surfing.
I can do it too.
My little family.
Celebrating my birthday at Lake Powell.
My birthday pinyata.
Dean thought it was funny to wear Elmo's head.
My boys.
The kids loved their island.