Friday, March 30, 2007


His "Sponge Bob" face
His "Davy Crockett" hat
Sammy's sun glasses
My little piggy


Sammy wanted to jump off the diving board
Dean is quite the water baby
They are really starting to look alike


The kids loved how close the squirrels got. We hiked to the top of Weeping Rock.
Dean was getting sick of his stroller and Sammy loved climbing the rocks.
Dean loves that binki. The hikes were so beautiful, our favorite was The Narrow's.
My boys, Sammy had those sunglasses on the whole time.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Trip

We had a great Spring Break. We figured that Sam might not ever have another long break once he get's a job, so we better take full advantage. We spent a week in Arizona and a few days in St. George. Sammy and Dean loved their cousins Gracie and Gainer. They would play all day long and were so cute. They ran around laughing and making plenty of messes.

My mom opened a gymnastics studio and we took the kids. Sammy went to his first gymnastics class and loved it. After the class they played on a blow up jungle gym. Dean wanted to join in as well. They never get enough playing.

Sammy and Dean are so lucky to have such great grandparents. They love them and Grandma and Grandpa are so good with them. There is nothing better than to have loving, supporting family.