Friday, August 15, 2008

August adventures

We ran the Provo half marathon last weekend.
These are my faithful running partners. Thanks Natalie for pushing me.
Dean loves his dog Sasu.

You can see me just about ready to cross the finish line.
It was really fun to have Sam and the kids there cheering me on. It made the finish that much better.
My good friend Paula. We used to live next t0 each other when we went to BYU.

Sam took the kids to Lagoon for his dad's company party. I wish I could have been there to see them enjoy the rides.
Their cute cousin Charly.
Our good friends had puppies about 7 weeks ago. The boys beg to go over and see them. This boy puppy is Dean's favorite.
Dean would not let poor Sarge go.
I was with Liz trying to shop. The kids found many ways to entertain themselves.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Where did July go?

The kids celebrating my 25th birthday.
Sammy loves birthday's more than anything in the world.
Sam was pretty excited about me being 25.
I am with Darbie (Mikey's girlfriend) and my sister-in-law Lizzy.
I know, I can't believe I am in my mid 2o's. I had a great birthday though. Sam took me to sushi, which I loved and later went shoppinng. I had a great couple of days.
Us at Lake Powell. Our family pictures never really turn out that great.
Have you seen the wake kite yet? It was pretty cool to see the air these boys were getting. Keep in mind Sam's foot is still broken.
The boys gathering their candy after smacking away at the horse.
We took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo. We miss having Steven and Luke here. The boys have a lot of fun together.
Me and some girlfriends celebrating a girls night.

The boys loved the water weenie. Dean was so funny. He never really laughed or smiled during the ride, but when it was time to get off he threw a tantrum because he wanted to go more.

Sam with Sammy surfing again.
Sam with Dean.
Even I caught a few good waves.

My boater boys.
Dean likes to pretend like he is a lion.
Being a mom and having these two boys are the best.

Our best little hamster Max died. The kids were so sad. I let them decorate his box and they later helped daddy bury him in the backyard. The kids tell everyone he is in a box in heaven with President Hinkley.
I think the boys spent the most time on the jet ski's. Sam let them drive and they went fast.
The girls. Isn't Anna the cutest? She is only 10 months and has hair past her back.
The boys love their aunt Lizzy.
This face sums up our whole trip.