Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Winter Returns

These were taken just 1 week ago at the park. The Sun was bright and shininig. My 2 crazy boys. Sammy enjoys the swing, but if you could see Dean's face, he was a little green.

Just when I thought winter was over it began again. Classes at the University of Utah were cancled because the roads were so bad. Sam didn't mind because he got to come home early. It's a good thing he has 4 wheel drive. It's days like these that make me wish I was in Arizona. I am totally ready for stroller walks, swimming, and playing in the park. Me and the kids are starting to feel like hermits. Our apartment is shrinking and we can't wait for the summer to come.

These are some pictures taken inside our apartment today, you know because we are stuck inside all day. We have to find other things to keep us occupied.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Boys

Sammy and Dean are getting so big and starting to really enjoy eachother. We have to be careful not to leave them alone for too long because Sammy has a real problem of smothering his brother. Even though Sammy is bigger and stronger, Dean figured out a way to defend himself. He grabs a hold of Sammy's hair and does not let go. He has the grip of a pitbull. We love these boys and feel grateful they are part of our family.

Welcome Max

We want to welcome our newest member of the family!

Max Alexander

Adopted Febuary 19, 2007

10oz. 4in.

Sam felt the kids needed a pet. We don't have a backyard for a dog, Sam strongly dislikes cats, so a hamster was the perfect fit. Sammy and Dean have had a great time and love chasing him around the apartment in his ball. I have actually grown fond of him as well. The joys of being a parent.