Monday, April 13, 2009

Sammy's Birthday, Zoo and Easter

The boys on Easter morning. Sammy was so excited when he woke up he jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what the Easter bunny left.
The boys at grandma's for an Easter egg hunt. The boys love having their cousin Charlie around.

Daddy and Sammy making funny faces.

I took a picture of Sammy and I didn't realize he made this funny face until after I took the picture.
Sammy loves holidays, parties, anything that involves candy and fun.

Visiting the zoo.
All the kids looking at the zebra's.
Riding the train. The boys save their money for the train rides, it's their favorite.
Sammy was so thrilled to get balloons for his birthday. He is also wearing his new favorite pajama's from his grandma.
Dean enjoying the party.
We love our birthday boy.
Sammy trying to blow out his trick candles.
Sammy helped me make his cake. He wanted a Dragon Tales cake but I was not about to make a 2 headed Zak and Weezy cake, the Dragon scale is all I wanted to take on. He loved it.
I love when the boys give each other loves.
Sammy took a picture of me, lovely.My two boys. Sam bought the boys these nerf guns for Sammy's birthday.

Sammy's favorite, balloons. I can't believe he is 4.