Monday, October 20, 2008


My parents planned a 3 day trip to Disneyland. We had the best time. The kids got to spend time with my mom and dad. They were also thrilled to see their two cousins Gracie and Gainer. We had a great time and were sad to see the trip go so fast.
The first night my mom took the kids to Build A Bear at Disneyland. They kids still take them everywhere. Sammy even took his to show and tell today. Dean built an Eeyore dinosaur and Sammy built a Spider man doggy.

The kids did great on the airplane. They loved looking out the window. They also got a kick out of the little bathroom.
Sammy was just tall enough to go on all the rides. He did not like the kid rides because he said they were too scary, but he loved Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.
Dean thought it was so cool to see Mickey. His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Club House. He couldn't stop smiling at Mickey.

We got to Disneyland right at opening. The kids did great. We made it until about 7:00 each night. The second the boys got into bed they were out.
My parents got Dean this Goofy hat. He wore it the whole time.

It was great to see my parents. It's hard to be away from them all the time.
My cutest niece Gracie. She is going to be 6 in December. They boys miss her the most. She was like a little mother to them.
My sister Rachel. We went on a raft ride at about 6:00. She got soaked and was freezing the rest of the night.
The new Woody ride was really cute. Sammy loved shooting at all the targets.
Dean is driving his car.

We went to Cold Stone the other night. Dean was enjoying his cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears.

We went to Disneyland enjoying the 70's weather and came home to snow. I was dying but the kids didn't mind.
Dean loved riding in the bus. They kept singing, "The wheels on the bus..."
I was lucky to get some picture out of Sam.
Hopefully this made up for my lazy last couple of months.