Monday, June 16, 2008

St. George, Birthday's, Pony Ride, Camping

We have had quite the busy month. We love spring and summer because the weather allows us to be outside and enjoy the outdoors.
Tom and Carolee invited us to stay at their house in St. George. It was really nice considering the bad weather we were having. Sam and Tom went on a "man date" and bought matching shirts. I refer to Sam as a "ten year old with a pay check."

I finally got my appliances framed in with cabinets. It has made quite the difference in our home. I will have to post more pictures of the complete project.

On our way camping.

It was fun sitting by the fire all snuggled up.

Sasu is really growing. He loved camping, especially with his doggy friends Gracie and Champ.

Sam took each of the boys on the boat. The best part is he caught a fish with each of them. The boys were in heaven (Sam included).

Sammy and I having fun with the camera. We look lovely.

Dean and his Spider Man glasses.

Papa Alexander surprised Dean with a party pony for his birthday. The pony's name was Snoopy and he was the size of a big dog. He ate everything, including birthday cake. Dean rode that pony for 3 hours straight. What a great surprise.

We couldn't stop laughing as the kids were riding the horse.

Doesn't Dean look like he's 10 years old?

This is a flower I found growing in my backyard. It's great to find all these surprises since we moved in here last year.